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The Copenhagen Declaration: Ten recommendations to the Presidency of the European Union
The 23rd edition of the European Students Convention, held in March 2012, together with experts from the educational, economic, and political fields, discussed and debated the interdependent factors and effects of employability and employment. These recommendations are the result of the convention, and written with the economic crisis in mind, as well as the long-term targets of the EU and the EHEA. Read more.

Three ways to reduce graduate unemployment
Graduate unemployment in Denmark hits record high. Far to many graduates find no way to enter Danish labour market, making many years of expensive education a waste of time and money – for the individual graduate as well as for society as a whole. This article presents a few initiatives that can tackle youth unemployment. Read more.

The academic campaign
The aim of the academic-campaign is to shed light on highly educated people’s value to Danish enterprises and to support the bridge between the academic world and business life. The campaign is sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Employment to run throughout 2012 and 2013. Read more.

Factual sheet on long-term unemployment: in historical context
According to recent numbers from Eurostat, the unemployment in Europe continues to grow and is fast approaching 26 million people - there are almost 11 million EU citizens who have been unemployed for a year or more - it is the highest level measured since the beginning of 00s. In 2010 long-term unemployment began to be stabilising, but since the spring of 2011, it started to rebound again. Read more.

The Danish grant system (The SU-system)
DSF thinks the SU is central to ensuring educational opportunities for all students regardless of background and the SU should not be used to push students through the education system, but be seen as an ongoing support. Read more.

News published by ESU about employability
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