Student Advancement of Graduates Employability (SAGE) is a pan-European project aimed at increasing the knowledge of the effects of European higher education reforms implementation on the graduates’ employability. SAGE also aims at enhancing the capacity of student representatives to take part in influencing and building policies designed to improve the rate of graduates employability at European, national and local level.

Participants of the 27th European Students' Convention were introduced to the outcomes of SAGE from 19-21 March 2014. In order to build up this capacity, the project conducts extensive research on educational policies, engages with multiple stakeholders from both national and European level and offers a comprehensive training process to a number of students and other interested stakeholders representatives from across the continent.

The SAGE project falls into the footsteps of several previous ESU-led projects looking at various aspects of educational policy and empowering student representatives to take a more active part in the governance of higher education institutions and the decision-making process with regards to national policies.

SAGE is also fully coherent with the main strategic documents and policies set by the European Union for the development of Higher Education in the next years, such as EU 2020 Strategy and the “Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training” (ET 2020)

What do students say about employability and SAGE?

Student from Poland wrote:
The discussion about student employability is necessary, the topics are good (especially the great range of topics in this event) and employability is seen by the project as only one part of the whole education process, which is important.

Student from Belgium wrote:
For the SAGE project it is important to gather data and do research about the topics to draw some conclusions and then there could be some interesting guidelines for the commission on European level to change things. This can be very valuable for student unions, students and the commission. Also the view of the stakeholder is very important, which kinds of competencies are important for the labor market and which are important for the student and how do they match. We need to grow into a higher education system where everybody can benefit from, the students, the labor market, the economy and everyone.

Student from Spain wrote:
I think for the Spanish Union SAGE is a really important project because we are joining the project as a bad example of bad practices of employability. That is the reason why it benefits a lot for our students. I think we can learn a lot and share a lot of practices.

Student from Poland wrote:
I think the SAGE project can be really helpful, because when we are talking in European community about these problems we can find more solutions than in national levels for these problems.

Student from Armenia wrote:
I really appreciate this project because in my hometown in Armenia employability is a real issue and we are working on it and we are lobbying to increase the quality of education which is the main solution of employability of students.

The SAGE project team

The SAGE project is co-financed with help from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme(external link).

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