This section contains a collection of articles and publications about employability and in particular students' views on the subject.

SAGE results and publications
Find here all the four publications that have been published as part of the Student Advancement of Graduates Employability (SAGE) project, namely Employability With Students' Eyes and Student Voices on the Modernisation Agenda. The Student Handbook on Employability is also especially useful guide for students in any discussions on employability. The 2012 edition of Bologna With Student Eyes was also published as part of this project, analysing the development of the Bologna process from the students' perspectives.

External articles, papers and studies
This is a collection of content that concerns the issue of employability of graduates.

Blogs and opinionated articles
This section contains internally published articles about employability and the Student Advancement of Graduates Employability (SAGE) project. This includes all news articles that have been published by ESU in order to promote the project and its outcomes.