SAGE results and publications

Four main publications have been released as part of the Student Advancement of Graduates Employability (SAGE) project that are all available for download for free here.

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The handbook serves as a helping tool for student organisations and other stakeholders within the higher education community that want to enhance the employability of students and graduates. A selection of different discussions, study cases and practises has been compiled in order to share the experience of students and other stakeholders in Europe. This will help anyone involved in discussions on employability to advocate for actions towards enhancing long-term employability that is based on a concept fitting the different purposes of higher education.

Image Student advancement of graduates employability Employability With Students' Eyes?(external link)
This publication is looking into what are the perceptions of the students and students union on the issue of employability and how it should be addressed. Based on the study findings, as well as on the other analysis conducted through the project, we have prepared as set of policy recommendations that should be taken into account with further discussion about employability, but perhaps more importantly about the future of higher education.

Image Bologna with Student EyES 2012?(external link)
This publication is purposefully created to underline some of the issues that exist within and due to the modernisation agenda as well as the barriers to its success. While being critical in several aspects, it is meant to be an input to future policy and research to improve those issues. esu is committed to many of the main messages of the Modernisation Agenda and has endeavoured to support them in several ways, including, but not limited to, the many projects that esu has managed and have been funded by the European Commission.

Image Student advancement of graduates employability Student voices on the modernisation agenda?(external link)
The 2012 edition of Bologna With Student Eyes was published as part of the Student Advancement of Graduates Employability and portrays students' opinions on the development and current state of the Bologna process. Several reasons for a slow progress in the Bologna process are identified and recommendations for improvement provided from the students point of view.
students in the Bologna reforms.

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