The Toolbox section is a summary of the main findings of the Student Advancement of Graduates (SAGE) project, collected in an accessible manner in order to enhance studfents capacity in any discussions on employability. While the Library provides the reader with detailed results and additional background material on employability, the Toolbox creates a setting in which the student is introduced to the employability concept in various national and international circumstances.

A Student Handbook on Employability was created as part of the SAGE project, providing country statistics and case studies in four different countries in Europe. This helps the reader to put the concept of employability into context with

EU 2020 country reviews
The SAGE publication Student Voices on the Modernisation Agenda analyses students views on the Modernisation Agenda of Higher Education and the Europe 2020 strategy. It contains five case studies on national circumstances.

This section contains recommendatios on employability that have been developed as part of the SAGE project, divided into categories seperated by each of the project's deliverables and research contents.

This is a collection of key terms used in discussions and policy-making processes related to the employability of students and graduates.